Courses Taught

Melanie Borchers


Courses Taught at the University of Duisburg-Essen (WS 2007 - SS 2013)

  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Academic Writing
  • And as the Frensshe booke saith... - A Course on Middle English
  • Barking up the Wrong Tree: An Investigation of English Idioms
  • Corpus Linguistics and the Description of English
  • English in Scotland
  • English Phraseology
  • English Usage
  • Historical Linguistics
  • (Im)Politeness
  • "Inglan is a Bitch": The Negotioation of Pidgin English Identities in English Literature and Linguistics
  • Is it Culturally Sensitive to Say "Politically Correct"?
  • Language Contact in the History of the English Language
  • Making NonSense - A Course on Semantics
  • Text Linguistics
  • The Web of Words - A Course on Lexicography
  • Well, you know, pragmatic markers are sort of ...